Seven Seas is a 3-month transformative learning experience that is designed to empower young men (18 years and up) to make positive and permanent shifts to live in accordance with their inherent gifts, passion and purpose.

Utilizing the time honored Seven Stages of Pilgrimage and evidence based trauma sensitive approaches, participants are lead on an inner and outer journey. They learn technologies for recognizing and overcoming the inner structures that dictate the thoughts and behaviors that limit their growth and development while cultivating essential life knowledge and skills.

With greater confidence, Competence and clarity, participants gain the freedom and power to think and act beyond existing limitations. A new way of being emerges along with a greater ability to choose and embrace new life possibilities. This interdiciplinary approach activates inner motivation, personal integrity and the emotional intelligence required to navigate towards full potential.

"Every man who intimately connects with and expresses his innate gifts, passions and purpose in the world, will find success and the ultimate happiness." - William Gale









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